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Starseed Spiritual Protection

      with Rachael Gargan

As we step into our power it is increasingly important that we feel safe while doing so. There is a lot of fear around expanding our energy and field when we don't know if everything we are connecting to is non-benevolent. This is why spiritual protection is so important. Learn a variety of tools and techniques to protect yourself as you expand. 

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Learn to protect your energy as you expand in consciousness. This will help you contain your own energy so you feel safe to continue expanding. Each module has a mix of informational videos, downloads and audios. 

Introduction: Module 1 introduces you to spiritual protection and helps you learn when you need to use it. 

Boundaries: Module 2 is all about energy vampires and setting boundaries in both a physical and energetic way. 

Using Your Guides: Module 3 walks you through what spirit guides you can use for protection and how to utilize them. 

4 Stages of Protection: Module 4 walks you through a step by step process to protect your energy in a proven effective way. 

Protective Modalities: Module 5 teaches you about other protective techniques such as cord cutting, mirrors, power words, leaky energy and raising your vibration.  

Protective Hygiene: Module 6 teaches you how to use crystals, smudging and salt to protect your home and energy field. 

Advanced Protection: Module 7 walks you through attachments, removing attachments, dark portals and transmuting dark energies. 

Protection Tools: Module 8 you will receive a protection light language activation as well as a protection meditation with Archangle Michael

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