Energy Hacks

It is time for our spiritual practices to evolve. No more putting pressure on yourself to do 2 hour practices everyday and if you don't then you are not spiritual.  

Imagine remembering how powerful you are all while tapping into shifting frequency in 2.5 seconds. 

Our world is set to be busy while we raise our kiddos, run businesses, do laundry, dishes, cooking and all the things. 

How would it feel if you knew you had the tools to shift your reality, frequency and energy faster then you could blink. 

Get access to 15 of Rachael's best energy hacks. Starting on March 2nd for the next 15 days you will get a new energy hack that you can easily and quickly integrate into your day to day life without it taking up hours of your time. 

All content will be uploaded to your online portal where you can easily listen each day to your new frequency hack. 


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