5D Money Magnet


2024 is coming in hot and now is the time to start thinking BIG and aligning with what you will be creating moving forward.

Inside of the 5D Money Magnet you will get 14 days of powerful teachings, activations and life changing downloads all around money, prosperity and abundance. We will be working with your full multi-dimensional being (mind, body, emotions, energy) and assisting you in releasing long held matrix programs. 

What you'll get:

  • 14 days of audios, downloads, light language activations and more 
  • A bonus activations 
  • Teaching to have you shift and shift for good!

(Get instant access to an online portal with all your teachings, downloads and information)

What People Are Saying:

Last night I was working with the downloads of this program and when I woke up there was $2500 in my account! So Rachaels thats $7000 in 24 hours and I feel like there is more on the horizon! AHHH!


I just wanted to share that today I was told that one of my products sold out of a store they are in and I got a BIG restock order!


I did indeed just deposit the largest cheque I have ever deposited into my business account.


I just had to referrals for 2 new who are ideal for me to work with!!!! Thank you so much. I am already seeing the abundance coming in! WOOO HOO!


I shifted to another reality thanks to this program. I couldn't believe that money can flow into my life so effortlessly and in such miraculous ways. Now it is happening and it's my new reality. Thank you Rachael for making this possible!!!!


I am so grateful for this program. It has come at the right (divine) timing. Thank you for all the insights. Felt so connected to every theme and download. Such a big resonance and experienced massive shifts. Thank you so much Rachael!


"Thank you Rachael, this course was really eye opening with many "aha" moments. I really enjoyed the daily videos. I also appreciate the easy yet powerful tools you shared with us! SOOOO Helpful! Overall this course has already shifted my perspective.


$333.00 USD